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Workspaces provides you with a way to invite other users to help, or collaborate with, on integrations and deployments. This makes it easy to manage your Airnodes as a team, or to outsource the process while still maintaining control over your integrations and deployments.

Creating a Workspace

Your workspace is created automatically and you will by default be the owner, which is also tied to your ChainAPI account.

You can navigate to your workspace through your account settings or by clicking on your workspace name on the left-hand navigation panel. If you are part of more than one workspace, you can also use the left-hand vertical navigation to switch between workspaces.

Managing your Workspace

Editing Workspace Settings

In your workspace settings page you can rename your workspace and its description.

Inviting members to your Workspace

You can invite others to your workspace by clicking “Manage” on your Workspace and visiting the “Members” section.

Only users who have active ChainAPI accounts with confirmed email addresses may be invited.

Each member will need to be assigned a role that can be changed by a Workspace Owner or Administrator. You can also assign a Name, which will be visible only to you.

Leaving or Deactivating a Workspace

To “leave” a workspace, navigate to your account settings, you will then be able to leave any workspace you are not the owner of by clicking the “Leave” button for that workspace.

Owners cannot leave their own workspace. Only workspace owners can deactivate a workspace. Since the workspace is attached to the owner’s account, the owner must also deactivate their ChainAPI account to deactivate a workspace.

Workspace Roles

The following workspace roles can be assigned to users and changed by using the drop down or by clicking the ellipsis.

Role Description
Viewer Viewers are able to view your workspace’s integrations and deployments. They are not able to make any changes to the integrations or deployments.
Member Members have all viewer permissions and can also create and edit your workspace’s integrations and deployments.
Admin Admins have all member permissions and can also invite and remove users from the workspace, and edit workspace settings. Admins can not delete a workspace.
Owner Owners have all the rights of admins, and the workspace is linked to their ChainAPI account. If they deactivate their account the workspace will be deactivated and the users removed.

Workspace Notifications

You are able to control which workspaces you receive notifications for by going to your account settings and toggling on/off the notifications per workspace under the notifications section.

Selecting your Workspace

If you belong to two or more workspaces, you can change between the workspace you want to work on by clicking on the workspace name on the left panel and selecting the workspace from there.

Integrations and Deployments within Workspaces

Any integrations or deployments that are setup are stored at a workspace level. This means that if a user creates an integration or a deployment and then leaves, the integration or deployment will remain.

Activity Log

Owners and admins can access the activity log through the workspace settings.

The following actions are tracked and viewable in the activity log:


  • An integration is created
  • An integration's details are edited
  • A new version is created
  • An integration is deleted


  • A deployment is created
  • A deployment is edited
  • A deployment is deactivated
  • A deployment is deleted

DNS Verification

You can verify that your Workspace is the owner of the domains used in your Integrations by adding a TXT record at your domain registrar.

ChainAPI will periodically check the DNS records for each of your domains. If a TXT record is found with its content matching the verification snippet, it will mark that domain and any Integrations it is used in as verified.


  1. Copy the verification snippet to your clipboard.
  2. Add a TXT record at your provider. Below are links to instructions for popular providers.
  3. Wait for the the DNS record changes to propagate. This can take up to 72 hours.
  4. ChainAPI will notify all owners and admins on the Workspace when the domain is verified.

Removing Verification

  1. Remove the TXT record at your provider.
  2. Wait for the the DNS record changes to propagate. This can take up to 72 hours.
  3. ChainAPI will notify all owners and admins on the Workspace when the domain has been unverified.

Transfering Ownership

You can't transfer workspace ownership at this time. You can use Import & Export OIS to transfer integrations to another Workspace.